Nicole Doyle -The Liberated Collection-

In the vein of a hushed librarian, she spoke to me in a quieted tone, completely sincere, free from theatrics or cynicism. This vocal softness which I'm certain was unintentional, created a motivation in me to draw closer, to listen more carefully, allowing us to destroy the 'stranger barrier' far quicker than I've been familiar with in the past. She was compelling within the first few minutes. Nicole Doyle's delicacy doesn't end with her voice. Her skin is strangely sensitive, and was susceptible to irritation throughout the shoot, though she possessed a steadfastness in her ability to shrug it off with a smile. Speaking of grins, she's a habitual smiler. Her teeth glisten, so much that they competed with the sun for the number one reason I had my shades on when I could afford to. Wrapped up in all the tenderness is a sharp, driven, dancing phenom. Her dancing passion has been a life long obsession -- she started when she was three. She confessed that her heart belongs to contemporary dance because of how expressive it allows her to be. She also couldn't hold back the excitement that college anticipation was creating, telling me that it was going to be a refreshing change for her. She'll tackle the books with tenacity, and relish in the adventure of becoming an anesthesiologist. My only hope is that along the way she'll shun the grit and grime of college debauchery. Her trademark sweetness is one of the loveliest qualities I had the opportunity of appreciating in my short time with her. This one will do great things, believe me. This is Nicole Doyle, and she's been liberated.

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