Kelsey Abbott -The Liberated Collection-

We have much to learn from those rare few who are knocked into the deepest sleep, a heartbeat away from death, clinging to mortality in what doctors have coined, "coma". It was the first time I had met a survivor of this scary, prolonged, unconsciousness. Kelsey Abbott humbly divulged her brush with death, downplaying the seriousness of the event, but totally aware of how blessed she was to be sharing such a story with me. Her version of the story is secondhand because she doesn't remember how it happened. In the footsteps of her father, who rides professionally, Kelsey is a dirt biker. She was injured in a race when another racer "took her out". That was in January 2010. She's wisely chose to slow down her life, in light of what happened, but she's still quickly headed for great things. What I found to be so admiring was Kelsey's attitude. When I recall this shoot I have this clear image of Kelsey's smile, cemented on her face like it was meant to be there. We laughed more times than I hit the shutter button. Within thirty minutes she was making fun of me, totally comfortable with harassing a complete stranger. So awesome. Kelsey is vibrant. She's energetic, confident, she oozes with ambition, and her demeanor is punchy, quite a trademark for a high school senior. It was the windiest shoot I've ever been on, and Kelsey handled it like a pro, never resorting to a freakout moment, even though her fresh new hair style was probably crying. I think she doesn't get the opportunity to doll herself up often either, she relished in the moments she had heels on. She's also a hurdling machine -- due to my "how about one more time" habit, I probably made her hurdle for me for twenty minutes. More than all of this, I grew to realize Kelsey's shinning quality was her ability to laugh. I sincerely believe she LOVES her life. This was very glaring to me and it instilled a reminder in my heart to treasure our time here. This is Kelsey Abbott, and she's been liberated.



























What she said: 1. Describe your senior shoot with Nick. GROOOOVY. EPIC actually, thats my new word. more up to date then groovy.

2. How did Nick make you feel when being photographed? Relaxed! you didnt just stand there and say cheese, we had conversations and made me laugh which eased the awkwardness of getting picture taken alot!

3. How did you feel about the pictures when you first saw them? Loveddddd them, so many to go through and each one was so different, i hada smile on the whole time i went through them!

4. Do you feel like your pictures best represent you?  Yessss they represented me PERFECTLY. i loved how you got to know me before hand and asked what I wanted. it was a nice change of pace. senior pictures are supposed to represent us, and thats exactly what you did. couldn't have asked for a better photographer. i would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat.