We've seen too much of Vanessa Hudgens (in more ways than one), Miss Cyrus is just a poppy reminder that the entire Cyrus family is trying too hard, and Selena Gomez is a teenier version, and less scandalized remake of Hudgens, making her far less interesting. So I give you a new face. Here is a girl that is interesting. For starters her name is Waddie. She has classy taste. For example one of her favorite movies is "Singin in the Rain" as opposed to a film with an appearing Spears daughter pretending to act. She water ski's like it's her last day alive, and she has an enthusiasm for life that would make everyone on Glee seem like Bob Dylan.
During our shoot her "serious look" usually catapulted into fragmented laughter accompanied by dimples that are so hypnotizing that B.I.G scribed a song about them in 1997. This was just one of the many 'flashy ways' that Waddie won me over. Her likability seems unmeasurable to me but if I had to start somewhere it'd be in her true and lasting friendships, not the number of digital buddies she's collected through a trendy social networking scheme. (though she probably inhales friend requests) Hollywood will try to blanket her in the filth and slime of egotism that is slithering around the industry like a ready to eat cobra, but She won't be devoured. She won't become a meal. She'll be the one with the fork & knife. She'll become a more real, a more relatable, and a far more interesting singing/acting powerhouse than we've come to expect from the land of standardized disney juvenility. This is Waddie Allen.

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