Typography Fun - LDS General Conference April 2012 Edition -

Typography Fun - LDS General Conference April 2012 Edition -

Typography is fun and challenging for me, while General Conference is inspiring and uplifting. Wanted to combine the two after I saw a few design deprived posters on Facebook. Here is my take... UPDATE: The response to this poster has been overwhelming. I've had a flurry of comments and compliments that have just made me feel amazing. I appreciate all the kind words and am thrilled that my design work is admired by someone. I will be tackling more posters and designs, some of which will be free, and others for a small price, and will I be sharing them with you soon. So check back often.


But for now, here are a few FREEBIES (Share this message with someone, it's an important one):  StopItPosterFree12x18 (Right Click and Save As)


StopItPosterPink12x18 (Right Click and Save As... also fixed the spelling on this one :P )