The Liberated Announcement Designs

The Liberated Announcement Designs

For the first time ever I'm offering senior announcements/invitations. All designs were handcrafted by Claire Sorensen. These aren't your typical, formulaic invites. Each announcement design was meticulously created to ensure that you make a fun and powerful declaration with your invitations.

 You can add announcements for just $75. Each design has the chance to be totally unique with customizable text and color. You get 50 announcements, with envelopes. A proof will be confirmed before being sent to print. Allow 2 weeks after proof is confirmed for delivery of announcements.

Have an idea for your own design but aren't a graphic designer? Completely custom invitations are available for $125. As always, for any questions regarding our new senior announcements, please email or call us.




Cursive Vibes - pretty, airy, carefree, with a slight boho twist | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_11Front copy SeniorAnnouncement_11Back copy

Tessellate - a triangular treat, featuring 4 photos | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_5 copy SeniorAnnouncement_5Back copy

Floral - soft, dreamy, with vintage vibes, this is a must for the old soul | 5 x 5 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_3 copy SeniorAnnouncement_3Back copy

Squares - a clean and sophisticated look for the senior who prefers simplicity | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_2 copy SeniorAnnouncement_2Back copy

Hannah Hunt- this fun, poppy invite is sure to put smiles on all those who see it | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_6 copy SeniorAnnouncement_6Back copy

Minimalist - no nonsense design, full photos with text, now that's a statement. | 5 x 5 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_8Front copy SeniorAnnouncement_8Back copy

Triangle Love - the best things in life are three, three color choices, and three photos | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_9Front copy SeniorAnnouncement_9Back copy

Organic - inspired by the advent of DIY, this design is for the do it yourself'er, the trailblazer | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_12Front copy SeniorAnnouncement_12Back copy

Hexagons - beautifully shaped invite with tiled hexagon's and your choice of quote on the back, | 5 x 7 | $75

Senior Announcement_1 Senior Announcement_1

Free - a truly unique design, a modge podge of design elements, and a statement for the liberated and free thinker | 5 x 5 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_0Front copy SeniorAnnouncement_0Back copy

Navajo - an indian inspired invite, heavy on the photos, you get to pick 4 of your fav's | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_7Back copy SeniorAnnouncement_7Front copy

Ombre - simplistic and elegant on the front, chalkboard style typography on the back, have it all | 5 x 7 | $75

SeniorAnnouncement_15 2 copy SeniorAnnouncement_15Back 2