The Erickson's -The Family Collection-
The last time I saw this family Arnold Schwarzenegger was being elected to office and pretty boy/guitar freak John Mayer was comparing the bodies of women to imaginary realms, where he'd get to use his hands. Has anything changed? Arnold is still governor and Mayer's personal life is just as relevant as his music. But the early 2000's seem like a fading light, in time's great ballroom. But my heart swelled as I took part in this short reunion.
I, accompanied by my Dad, frequently visited this family as I grew up. We share the same faith and had the opportunity to prepare messages for them once a month as we met with them in their home. It was neat to see the dynamic of their young family change, as they continued to add to their family tree. I remember seeing their oldest daughter in diapers. She's almost a teenager now. That right there is Time taking his right hand and waking you up with an unforgiving strike across the face. Since I last saw them, poof...another boy, bringing their family total to three. Look for the "E collage" and you'll behold personality in children like never before. I'll never forget this bunch. This is the Erickson family.