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The Comeback Of Tyler Francis

Blog, Personalnicholas
2 years ago I said goodbye to one of my best friends. Tyler Francis, or in some circles he's known as Tfran, T$, and even the simply stated, T, left for a two year church mission in Resistencia, Argentina. He bravely left the closeness of family & friends, and the comforts and luxuries of home life, to proudly serve his Heavenly Father and spread the message of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. Much to my chagrin, I've struggled mightily to write him consistently over the past two years. Yet I still received his weekly emails from his sweet mother, and was constantly inspired by his capaciously growing testimony, and his relentlessly positive attitude in serving the people of Argentina. I have been itching for his return home to learn from his wisdom and to study his example and just to be with my best friend. On Friday, that will become a reality.

I've missed his laugh -- the one that makes him look up towards the sky. I've missed our weekly scrabble duels. I've missed our never ending lunch hang-outs at Costco, Jason's Deli, Chik-fil-a, and Barros. I've missed our occasional adventures to JCrew, being totally comfortable going shopping together. I've missed the deep conversations dissecting Chuck Klosterman. I've missed the random scream outs to Weezer's "Sweater Song". I've missed MoneyBall. I've missed Ping-Pong. I've missed my photo-assistant. I've missed having a friend who never seems to complain. I've missed his example of total unselfishness in a friendship. I've missed our tube wars. I've missed his upbeat personality. I've missed our conversations in weird voices. I've missed our film collaborations. I've missed his ability to transform a monotonous day into a memorable one. I've missed my best friend. 

I will miss no more.


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