-The 90's Party- Pics

My roommates and I hosted a pancake, pajama, and old-school video game party a few weekends ago. Scott introduced this party on Facebook so well that I couldn't do it any more justice.

Alright y'all... It's time to dig out that previously oversized family reunion t-shirt, don a pair of cut off sweats, and blow the dust off that "Emotions" cd you spent a weeks worth of allowance on in '91. 

For guys, it's probably gonna be that Soundgarden cd you hesitantly purchased the same year and soon realized every song on it SUCKED but the one they played on the radio! Only to outdo yourself half a decade later when you rebelliously rode your bike to the mall and went half-sies with your best friend on Sublime's self titled album.

Come on now... Don't you remember squeezing the cd into your back pocket on your front porch, and giving strict instructions to your buddy to not stop and talk to your mom when you walk inside. 10 seconds later and alas... you lock the door to your bedroom, hit the power button on your wal-mart 5-disc special, and hit play on track 2. You both sing along on low volume as one of you stands dangerously close to the volume knob so your mom doesn't hear the "mother f*@&#** riot" coming from your speakers!

The point is, we all wish we could go back in time. This saturday is your chance!! Bring your PJ's, (Oversized t-shirts optional), your favorite pillow (best believe we're brawlin), all your old school music, and bask in a night of ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES, super mario-kart and duck hunt tournaments, and a $30 walmart gift card to the first person who beats the hover craft level on battletoads! I'm serious... it's yours for the taking! So make like Jay-Z & Amil and get up, get out, and get some... at our house... Saturday at 8!

 Here are the results of the hilariously described party:

Mario Kart 64, Dr. Mario, NBA Jam. Just some of the throwbacks in the video game department.


My sexy reaction to a warhead.

Christine & Pat coming dressed as the 90's.

Pancakes keeping warm after Scott whipped em up.

Sam remembered warheads being a lot tastier in the 4th grade.

Never has a group of friends had more fun with a bag of Dubble Bubble.

More really flattering pictures of people eating warheads.


The Skittle Game: A group of players take turns picking two skittles from the bowl, they then attempt to store the skittles in their mouth without spewing them out. Last man standing wins. The catch, if you draw two skittles of the same color, you are given permission to chew & swallow until it's your turn again.



Miss Perkins spitting skittles out her nose (maybe it just looks like that). And yes, that's a cactus cooler next to her.



Waldo giving me a good reason to question photographing this event.

I sorta feel like this is a face Scott makes often.

Down to Katie & Pat.

Pat attempting to psyche her out.

Katie folds.

Pat takes his victory vomit.


Woooooooo. Gift card to wally world. Let's buy more skittles. Woooooo.

Thanks to all those who came! We have an infinite amount of capri sun at our house still if anyone wants some. But if you take it you have to promise to put the straw in upside down.