Cookies are born nude. Just like us. They come out of the oven bare, and immodest. They're then placed on large, flat trays, brushed up against replicas of themselves. A portrait of uniformity. Luckily for them, they are shipped to my grandma's house, an angelic place where cookies go to become bedight with bling and frosting goodness. It's like Nordstrom Rack for snowmen & reindeer shaped cookies. They are then given personal shoppers, lovely little elves, some artistic, some sloppy, who adorn these naked little christmas tree's and indecent cacti with all sorts of fashionable frosting, and cute sprinkles. With a little bit of creativity, and a little bit of luck (bad luck does strike, some will be dressed horribly by their stylist, and then out of frustration will be eaten. I know, it's horrible. To be an advocate against this please text "cutecookie" to 45778.) these homely desserts are given a boost of self confidence with a brand new look. For a sneak peek into last years september issue of the cookie fashion world, peep the video below.

This might be my favorite christmas tradition. We're decorating again this evening. Cookies will be naked, and I will clothe them. Wait a sec, if I photograph them before they're decorated, is that like shooting cookie porn? With that said, what's your favorite christmas tradition? I wanna hear!