Steven Hobaica -The Liberated Collection-

Believe it or not, he's the first senior I've had in 2 1/2 years of shooting these kids, who after divulging precious information about himself and who he's become over the past 18 years, flipped the table on me via text, and suggested it was my turn to explain a little bit about ME. My reaction was surprise, topped with an exclamation mark. This isn't how it works. As an adolescent, I was usually consumed with self-concerning thoughts, my family would probably argue those thoughts are still prevalent today, so when Steven Hobaica shot back with an eager interest to get to know me, I was floored.

Steven is skinny. He's worked at a plethora of sweet shops --at the time of our shoot he was employed at Mrs. Fields, which is ironic cause he's indifferent to cookies-- but according to him, no matter what he puts in his body it sees no effect. A jealous inducing proclamation indeed. Steven is also a talented, but bashful singer. The regional choir member had a difficult time sharing his talent, reluctantly opening his mouth to sing for a few images. He's possesses a soothing voice, and I had the feeling he was "sandbaggin" and was painfully holding back. He certainly didn't hold back his array of questions for me. He asked about my career choice, my taste in girls, and even proposed a question that my parents would love to know the answer to. He's got a face full of dimples, and a vibe that is so warmly inviting that even Dr. House wouldn't stand a chance. Here's to an aberrantly unselfish cookie hater. This is Steven Hobaica.

Sorry Mom & Dad, I don't know when I'm getting married. I'll keep you posted though.

Also, this will be one of thousands of shoots to be showcased in the days and months to come. Sorry for the hiatus. Never been busier. I LOVE MY JOB. :)