My Own Wedding -- Wait, What?

For those that don't know me well, or maybe just discovered my blog, I was recently married On December 28th, 2012, to my favorite person in the world, Claire -- there has never been a more beautiful girl. We were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple at Noon. The ceremony was performed by my Grandpa (my Dad's dad), and we were enveloped by the love of all our family and dearest friends. We spent the evening at the Saguaro Ranch Park's Fruit Packing Shed, a quaint little brick building. We were deeply moved that Hannah and her family, the Andersons (whom we met on Instagram), made the trek all the way from Houston so that Hannah could sing for us throughout our reception. Accompanied by her sister Sophia, they entertained and seriously dazzled our guests with their gorgeous musical talents. Listen to her stuff here. Oh, and one of my favorite photographers was there to capture it all, Ben Christensen. Ben is an immensely talented dude from Mesa who shot film and digital throughout our wedding. The twenty-eighth of December in the two thousandth and twelfth year, will remain precious and important to me until my eyes rest forever. My imagination couldn't have conjured up that day. Claire and I were so in love with our wedding day that it was the only topic we wanted to talk about for the following few weeks. Thank you to all those that made it special and memorable for us. We hope to post the rest of the images on Facebook -- and yes, it's been 5 months since our wedding and I'm just now posting these. I guess I love creating suspense. Anyway...stay tuned for more!

Our Bride & Groom Session at Lake Pleasant... on a tiny island. Thanks to my Dad for tagging along with his boat and making this location possible.

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The Wedding Afternoon

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The Celebration | Food trucks provided by: Luncha Libre & Torched Goodness | Flowers provided by Steve Menlove | All dream catchers were DIY. My wife is selling the remaining dream catchers! If you're interested shoot her an email:

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We also had some amazing friends and family take a ton of Instagrams. Check out our wedding hashtag: #nickclairewedding