I've been distracted. Still in the early stages of the recovery process from ACL reconstructive surgery, I am racked with guilt. And excuses. I have ignored this blog for many reasons. One of them legitimate (the injury), the others, well, they would just be ways to defend my forays into different fields of entrepreneurship. Let me explain.

I have been blessed with numerous passions, and ambition that could be described as volcanic. Brewing inside of me are ideas, and a few of these cracks of inspiration have been spiderwebbing in the last month, prompting me to take some action. In short, the last thirty days or so of my life have been erupting with new opportunities. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share with you all of these ideas and new projects that have acted as a sort of "creative rehab", helping me overcome the stagnancy of the past few months, in which I wasn't able to participate in what I love to do. Doesn't it feel good to have your creative cells rebooted?

So, first new opportunity... shooting court side at Phoenix Suns games. I got the connection through a friend of mine, Matt Petersen who was kind enough to pass along my name to an editor of the basketball blog, Hoops Addict. I was invited out to the Suns media day to become acquainted with some of the people in the communications department, and then to photograph the media circus surrounding a national basketball team.

This was certainly, and will continue to be, a very surreal experience. Since Charles Barkley was skinny I've watched literally hundreds of suns games, invested hours upon hours keeping myself up to date with the roller coaster ride that is planet orange, in a continuous devotion to an organization that I really have no relationship with. But that's the definition of a fan. But there I was, standing next to a two-time MVP, Steve Nash, now having the opportunity to say everything I always wanted to compliment him on, and I was struck mute. Too overwhelmed by the largeness and lucidity of the basketball idol I had grown to worship, I kept to myself and quietly took pictures of players. Some even younger than me, and all, much richer than me. But none more lucky than me.

So as I remain humbled and grateful for an opportunity that instills such a giddiness in me it almost makes me look juvenile, I look forward to documenting a season of purple and orange, and this time, from the floor. As a fan, and a photographer. This is the beginning of the Suns Collection.