-March 2011 Playlist-

March Sunset

"He who sings scares away his woes" - Cervantes

I truly appreciate that quote. I appreciate it because music in some form, has been a companion to me in my dreariest of moments. Music makes life's rough terrain much more tolerable. The banality of the work/eat/sleep routine becomes fun with a soundtrack. Anyone who knows me, knows that I treat my music collection as if it were my own child. My iTunes library is being nurtured all the time. With that said...

My latest music idea consists of creating a playlist once a month, with a selection of songs that have currently been spilling out of my speakers, and posting it on my sidebar. I hope that as I attempt to be officious in this department that you will as well, and will share with me some of the music that you're gravitating towards lately. I also will be planning a few contests with prizes including the albums from every month's playlist to give back to all of you for following me. I am infinitely grateful for everyones support and kindness as I've embarked on this job of a lifetime. I love being a photographer every day. And I'm loving March like a motha right now. Enjoy the tunes!

What else are people using to create playlists or listen to music online?