Jocelyn Mohrig -The Liberated Collection-
It's late. Your eyes are heavy, pleading for you to give up. Commercials at this hour are almost an excuse to just go to bed. You refuse. It's cold outside. You go limbless and stick your arms in your shirt, but only after you've crawled up to the rough, stucco-roof of your house. If you're a girl, you're probably in an over-sized shirt, hair still wet from the shower you took a few hours ago, which doesn't help with the feeling that you're getting hypothermia. If you're a guy, you're in a tank-top and a pair of basketball shorts you bought when the cool thing to do was hitting up the mall. You try to get comfortable. You're imagining all the other people placing ladders against their houses, making the climb upward. You picture the numberless souls sharing this spectacle with you around the world. Scientists have told you this won't happen for another 40-50 years. Suddenly, It starts. For a few brief moments the sky is on fire, lit up by thousands of streaming meteors acting like bows shooting through the sky in simmering fashion. Your eyes are transfixed, your imagination is illuminated, your mind is mesmerized. A short, but memorable experience of total wonderment. The celestial event is over too quickly.

Though I wasn't in worn out basketball shorts, my shoot with Jocelyn was reminiscent of a extraordinary meteor shower viewing. We connected immediately and never looked back -- I couldn't, it was over far too soon. She opened up and let me in, transforming a 2 1/2 hour shoot into something that felt more like a vacation with a great friend. Jocelyn is blessed with an infectious personality, beaming with positivity -- which stems from her faith, and a unparallelled understanding of fashion, which results in a style that might be impossible to mimic. I wanted to create a sort of runway for her to showcase the creativity in her style that landed her so much vogue in high school. Seriously though, Hollywood's freshest costume designers probably look to her for inspiration. I was amazed at the attention to detail in accessories, and the frugality in her shopping choices --she bought her prom dress at Savers. She's also a lioness on the golf course, blasting balls hundreds of yards in relaxed execution. The girl has got power in her swing. Jocelyn effuses cool. She's got a funky sense of humor when she's totally being herself, and an effortlessness in her ability to charm the socks off ya. I eventually ran out of light, and couldn't shoot her anymore, which led disappointment to creep in. The celestial even was over far too quickly. But the experience is still glowing. This is Jocelyn Mohrig, and she's been liberated. JocyM-53 JocyM-15 JocyM-16 JocyM-3 JocyM-13 JocyM-20 JocyM-29 JocyM-31 JocyM-41 JocyM-36 JocyM-45 JocyM-61 JocyM-65 JocyM-50 JocyM-49 JocyM-70 JocyM-79 JocyM-68 JocyM-75 JocyM-85 Collage JocyM-104 JocyM-110 JocyM-97 JocyM-112 JocyM-117 JocyM-119 JocyM-134 JocyM-125 JocyM-127 JocyM-139 JocyM-142 JocyM-148 JocyM-153 JocyM-158 JocyM-168 JocyM-165 JocyM-181 JocyM-177 JocyM-189