I'm Still Alive, I Still Own a Camera, and I Still Take Pictures.

I'm fully aware of my inactive bloggyness and look forward to correcting my idleness, by restoring this photographic habitat with over a dozen new fantastic shoots. Yes I know, It's been just over 40 days since my last update. In that span i've watched 24 movies in 24 days, i've started running (an activity I've undeviatingly harassed people for participating in, and i'm still unsure if it's a good idea), finally finished a book I started 6 months ago, and traveled across the country, where I am now. (Look at image below).
Paradise smiles at you from the inside of a beach house as a scene from planet earth is acted out in your backyard ocean as dolphins dance in three's and four's. Paradise smiles at you when your enjoying the most iconic image of relaxation, book reading on your own private hammock with nothing but words of Don Delillo frolicking in your mind, a frosted diet coke next to you, and the unwinding sound of ocean waves which become the most delicious white noise your ears have ever tasted. Most of all, Paradise is when you're surrounded by the most important people in your life, enjoying all of the liveliness of which an oceanside beach home has to offer.
My intention was certainly not to make those of you who read my mumblings, envious of my vacation bliss, but to announce and reassure any of you who follow my blog that I do indeed have updates coming soon. So digest this as a teaser. Understand that this is just the beginning. The internet here in Folley Beach, South Carolina has been more inconsistent than NBA Playoff officiating, but if it doesn't fail me, I'll be refreshing this site with a new photo shoot every day for the next week and a half. And just in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.