Holley Anderson -The Liberated Collection-

Holley Anderson -The Liberated Collection-

I heard the dogs barking even before I knocked on the front door. Maybe they were warning me about the mammoth-sized cat that would steal my attention the moment I went upstairs. I mean this in the least exaggerated way, there is an abominable snowman living at the Anderson home. Imagine a purring cloud that moved across your kitchen floor. That is a reality for this family. This bloated feline probably snacks on full sized rabbits. But enough about overeating house pets, the real story is Holley Anderson. "I'm an independent person and that can drive my parents crazy sometimes." At the time of our shoot Holley was working two jobs --Paradise Bakery and The Sunglass Hut, unlike her sister Holley has been financially floating on her own. With the economy still spending its' time in the outhouse I'm aware that more young people have been required to do this. But this was a decision made entirely on her own, while her other siblings are content with being hand fed. This is an admirable pursuit. She declares, "I like to work for something that actually pays off" in response to becoming uninvolved at school the past few years. Financial success has obviously been on her mind for ages. Years ago she'd sell flower clips on ebay. She also noted that she has "wanted to be in medical field since she can remember" Certainly not a flat mountain to climb, but definitely a fiscally rewarding one. But why the desire for monetary gain at such a young age? I wonder what sparked this financial ambition.

She's acknowledges her coffee addiction, and for someone who's constantly on the move --and actually hates reading, and striving for something better it's no surprise that she has a power beverage. When time permits, it also gives her a second to unwind, relaxing in her favorite coffee shop, Elevate. Holley is a smiler. She owns a smile that would make a dental hygienist sigh with satisfaction. She also has a stunning pair of green eyes, a feature that provokes a curiosity to learn more. I guess that's why I still have questions. A standing ovation for the grinning, money-eyed brunette. This is Holley Anderson, and she's been liberated.