Personal projects are usually created out of inspiration and boredom. As I try to evade the type of arizona weather that most complain about (it's warm, shocker), and loosen the shackles of my daily profession (yet hear I am, again, in front of a computer), I have conjured up an ambitious idea to photograph anyone and everything that comes through my front door. In the vein of a Martin Schoeller portrait, I will try to document friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and other temporary house guests in a very candid, sincere manor. Raw, unrestricted, true. A sheet of broadcloth will be my backdrop. Any available natural light will be my light source. I've started with my roommates and I. You've been warned, if you expect to enjoy Scott's story time, Todd's small town charm, Jeff's expansive knowledge of the Chicago Cubs, or my growing NES collection, be prepared to be shot first. This is a personal project.