-April 2011 Playlist-

April's Playlist includes a beautiful R&B spin on the Coldplay classic "Strawberry Swing" by newcomer Frank Ocean, a collection of upbeat, punchy indie pop jams from outfits like Bear Hands, Helena Beat, The Naked & Famous, a new single from The Strokes --whose new album is catchy as heck--, and even a track from the creator of modern day celebrity meltdowns, Britney Spears --her new dance/tryingtobemadonna record, much to my chagrin, is infectious as all get out--. After all that March Madness it's time to give your eyes a break and feed your ears a delectable dessert, so hit the volume up button a few times on that keyboard --make sure the volume lands on a number that is pleasing to you, odd numbers scare some people-- and be prepared to be swooned by the power of music.

What are you guys listening to lately?