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20 Songs for November

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20 Songs for November

20 Songs For November from nickspud16 on 8tracks Radio.

Anything Could Happen | Ellie Goulding - I've listened to it over a hundred times in the few weeks I've had her CD and I still get chills.

From Nowhere | Dan Croll - This dude doesn't even have an album out. Just a single that's catchier than the flu. That was bad, I digress.

Hot Knife | Fiona Apple - Listen to this a few times, than you'll catch yourself singing along. It's actually really fun. So glad she's back.

Now Is The Start | A Fine Frenzy - My favorite red headed singer/songwriter has a new album out, and this little ditty will make ya bounce.

Losing You | Solange - Solange Knowles is weirder and more charming than her older sister. This is her first single off her new LP. Sounds like vintage Madonna. Please click the link and watch the video too. Her dance moves deserve their own show.

Sedona In The Fall

Default | Django Django - This is a wild ride. But it's a memorable one.

Tessellate | Alt-J - The new Radiohead? This guys voice is stranger than fiction but it's beyond rad. Tessellate means "to fit together perfectly"... Ahhh indie love.

Gun-Shy | Grizzly Bear - Ed Droste and the crew have released a near perfect album. This is one of my fav's.

Protest (Remix) | Philip Glass ft Jóhann Jóhannsson - Philip Glass is a composer I admire deeply. A group of artists contributed in a remix cd of his work. This is a sampling of that cd. Amazing stuff.

Nocturne | Wild Nothing - Sounds like it could be from a John Hughes film. 80's rich.

Silent Machine | Cat Power - She shaved her head and recorded a new album. Maybe not in that order. But Chan Marshall is back, and she sounds lovely as ever.

Ride | Lana Del Rey - Marilyn Monroe's new replica is releasing another album, and this is the first cut. Get out your bandannas.

Mind Mischief | Tame Impala - Beatles meets electronica. I know that sounds ridiculous. More Sedona Love Blood | The Middle East - Fell in love with a wedding video that featured this song. Thank goodness.

Ocean Floor For Everything | How To Dress Well - R&B that is done right.

Thinking Bout You | Frank Ocean - Read comment above.

Tides | XX - Quiet music that kills. The back and forth between Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft is intoxicating.

Silent Way | Milo Greene - Fleet Foxes with a woman. Listen to their album. All of it.

Amenamy | Purity Ring - I just like the title of this one. Nah, I dig the beat too.

Red Balloon | Azure Ray - Been listening to them for years. They're finally back. This is from a new, darker EP. Gorgeous and ominous.


What are YOU listening to this November? Leave a comment.